No Insurance? No problem!

Full STD Testing Kit $170

Prescription Provided with telemedicine visit. STD Kit sent from certified lab, 5 free condoms, free test of cure in 3 months.

Expected Partner Visit $15

Confirmed known partner through booking.

Telemedicine STI Visit $30

Testing done at an outside clinic with prescription only. The first 10 minutes of STI consult is free.

Urgent Care Visit $25

30-day refill; Metformin, asthma, hypertension (no heart failure), uncomplicated UTI.

Coming Soon

  • Free testing via telemedicine funded by Your Care Down There Community Health.
  • Free Community Testing Events: Stay tuned for in-person visits announced via social media and our website.

Note:  Your Care Down There does not prescribe narcotics or controlled substances of any kind.