Type of Assessments:

  • ADHD testing and assessment
  • Learning disabilities assessment
  • Educational testing
  • IQ testing
  • Personality testing
  • Substance use/abuse assessment

*Pricing varies based on assessment.

Dr. Fagan offers assessments for children as young as eight years old and adults.

For questions about the testing and pricing or to discuss further, please schedule a consultation call.

Testing Process:

Here is some information about the testing process for psychoeducational and ADHD testing/evaluations.  A full psychoeducational evaluation includes a few different parts:

  1. A clinical interview with student/client [60-90 minute session]
  2. A separate clinical interview with you (and other parent(s) or guardian(s) [60-90 minutes session]
  3. Additional clinical assessments and evaluations (can be assessed virtually) [1-2 hours approximately]
  4. Psychoeducational testing (in-person) [6 hours of testing]
  5. Feedback session with formal report and clinical indications [ 50-60 minutes session]

A full psychoeducational evaluation is about 6 hours worth of testing. This can be split between two days, or completed within one day, and will be discussed prior to establishing testing dates. A psychoeducational evaluation includes a host of clinical tests, a full clinical evaluation, and collecting various background information. Once the testing is complete, you will receive a full psychological evaluation and comprehensive report. We will also meet for another session for 50-60 minutes for me to provide feedback and recommendations based on the report and evaluation.